Our Clients

Our clients mean the world to us.

We work with companies that represent a broad spectrum of sectors and countries:

Media, finance, technology (such as ed tech, med tech, green tech, bio tech, sensor tech), infrastructure, hospitality, health, cyber security, government, publishing, and retail.

Current and former clients include:

“Working with EGV has opened my eyes to new approaches to growth. Alexandra, Sam and their team have expertise in areas that I didn’t realize existed and they have helped me scale my business in a way that I would never have been able to do alone. I am thrilled to be working with them on my forthcoming venture.”

Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Professor of Neural Science and Psychology,
Center for Neural Science at New York University

“EGV directly, and positively, impacted our ability to grow as a company in the United States. They honed our message and introduced us to US-based clients that increased revenue and enabled us to expand in a foreign market. Alexandra even helped with our US recruiting. Our relationship with Alexandra and Sam has been extremely beneficial for CNIguard.”

Edward Klinger

CEO, CNIguard

“Producing the highest quality refined graphite requires the right infrastructure and unique circumstances. Sam and the EGV team were able to quickly evaluate our needs and help us determine the best location in the United States based on local prices, governmental programs, and talent to ensure expansion and growth. Having the right partners makes all the difference. We have benefited hugely from EGV’s work and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Paul Ferguson

CEO, Novocarbon

“As the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, I recently had a unique experience working with the team at Empire Global Ventures. After months of market research and due diligence, the groups I had hired were simply not capturing the message that I needed for a critical presentation. I met by chance Alexandra Stanton and Dr. Sam Natapoff, who instantly recognized my concerns on the project. After a brief meeting, I was convinced that EGV could get me on track, and thank my lucky stars, was I right! Dr. Natapoff dug in, immediately worked extensive hours over the next few days due to my timing and completely reconceptualized and rewrote the entire effort. As a result of EGV’s presentation, we are now in Phase Two on this project that may change the face of my company. EGV is trustworthy, caring, effective, extremely experienced, and fully comprehend all that is required to assist companies such as mine. I cannot thank them enough.”

Steven Beagle

Jabez Pharma

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